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June 11, 2010

We have changed our name!

We are now called Green Grads Exterior Cleaning

Offering Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Washing!

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A new way to get around!

April 14, 2009

This morning I picked up my new Giant cyclocross bike!

I’ve decided that since the bus is always late and my car burns too much gas, (as well as money!), I’ll resort to a little bit of self-powered transportation.

The best part about riding a cyclocross bike is that it’s fast like a road bike, but has larger tires to roll over almost any type of surface.

Even with my rigorous training schedule for swimming, I must admit that my legs hurt a bit going up hills, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it in no time!

Callum's Giant TCX

Callum's Giant TCX

A nice Saturday suprise

March 21, 2009

Today my brother and I rolled over to Chesterfield Avenue in North Vancouver, and the Pacific Mobile Depot tents, to drop off our two kitchen bags full of Styrofoam. The best way to describe their set up over there at the Presentation Theatre? Impressive. I expected a small cube truck and one dude, but instead I arrived to find 7 or 8 square tents with over 10 volunteers and a constant flow of earth conscious British Columbians. Cars were going in and out of the parking lot and pedestrians sauntered up with various collections of bagged recyclables. There is a small fee for most items, and that is collected at the lead tent, after which your goods are sorted by friendly PMD staff, bagged up and loaded onto one of two waiting transport trucks. Great system. They take everything from batteries to ice scrapers to traffic cones! A full list can be found here.

PMD operates mostly on the island, but every third Saturday in the month they make a stop on the mainland, where we went today.

Check it out next month! You’d be surprise what household waste can be recycled, I mean…CD cases and toothbrushes?!? Really cool discovery. Makes me feel better about my sunny Saturday.

Scotty and I dropping off styrofoam at PMD's North Vancouver location

Scotty and I dropping off styrofoam at PMD's North Vancouver location

Pacific Mobile Depot's North Vancouver set up

Pacific Mobile Depot's North Vancouver set up

Hello Vancouver!

Let me tell you a story.

As a co-founder, I have discovered that running Total Home Services has only heightened my personal desire to be as green as possible in my daily life.

It all started with Styrofoam. Yes, the screechy, (try rubbing it together and you’ll know what I mean), white stuff, those blocks of crumbling, horrible waste that companies continue to use in their packaging, which then finds itself in landfills all across the globe.

So the other day I was collapsing some cardboard boxes for a client, ready to truck it off to the recycling depot. (By the way, Total Home Services will recycle your household cardboard along with a host of other items for absolutely nothing when you choose our company). Anyways, inside of these boxes there were big blocks of Styrofoam, which I put aside to bag up later, ready to through them out.

Then I thought, “Wow, there are a lot of these blocks, there must be a way to recycle them.” Sure enough, on the flip side of the white cubes was a handy recycling symbol, indicating their reusability. On to the internet I went, and amazingly enough Pacific Mobile Depot, picks up Styrofoam in North Vancouver every third Saturday of the month. Brilliant! No need to throw away more Styrofoam.

My eureka moment led to an idea, why would I keep this to myself? Wouldn’t it be great if I could share the little bits of information I gather each week with our fantastic Total clients and the rest of Vancouver, furthering Total’s commitment to protecting the planet.

So here it goes, hopefully you can find some of this information useful, and we can all do a bit more to help out our world, keep in mind, any businesses I refer you to will be screened to the best of my ability. I promise. Thanks for reading! See you this summer!